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    January 27, 2016

    Photograph of Versapack with operator to see scale.

    Quin Systems, the Wokingham-based designer and supplier of intelligent end-of-line automated packing systems, has launched a new Versapack™ machine.

    The compact design allows the machine to be used in a wide range of packing line operations without the need for additional building or line reorganisation and the servo-driven robotic case erector system makes the Versapack™ faster, smarter and more efficient than its predecessors.

    Managing Director, Mike Webb said that Quin had responded to the needs of its customers, who increasingly need faster, flexible end-of-line solutions that help them to meet their production targets.

    “Versapack™ is the smallest and fastest integrated case erecting and packing machine on the market with the ability to pack products in any orientation including on-edge. The efficient servo-driven case erector has been designed to handle a wide range of cases including the smaller retail-ready cases, a necessity for those supplying major retailers who want to make the most of their shelf space.” – Mike Webb, MD Quin Systems

    Automatic case packer for bags and pouches, Versapack by Quin SystemsThe new machine allows for a broad range of products to be packed in almost any orientation, including ‘on-edge’ packing. Working closely with customers, Quin has incorporated the ability to pack new-style bag formats and stand-up pouches into cases to give producers the packaging flexibility they need to remain competitive.

    The new Versapack™ is already in operation in the food sector, packing filled Stabilo packs and pouches into a range of shelf-ready cases.

    To find out more read our Versapack pages or call us to discuss your application.

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