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  • Features Details
    Case sizes (open): (LxWxH) 150 x 80 x 100 mm (Min.)
    600 x 400 x 600 mm (Max.)
    Speed Capable of 100 cycles per minute dependent upon product and configuation.
    Typically 70 cycles/min with a 2 kg load.
    20+ cases erected and packed per minute.
    Product types Infeed module options available for rigid and flexible packs:
    Bag/ pouch/ pillow pack,etc
    Packing configuration Flat
    SRP ‘on-edge’
    Line Layout In-line
    90 degree
    Reverse flow (dependent upon packing format)
    End Effector Quick-change vacuum/ mechanical gripper head to suit product
    Case Sealing Base sealed with tape or hot melt glue Integral top seal option available
    Size (LxWxH) Footprint 2648 x 2314 mm.
    Will vary by application.
    Construction Stainless steel.
    Power Requirements 400V 3 phase, 230V 3-phase option
    80psi/ 5.5 bar compressed air.  Air consumption 285 litres/min.