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    December 4, 2015

    Photograph of Mike Webb, MD Quin interviewed in Machinery UpdateMachinery Update has interviewed Mike Webb, our MD, about recent developments in our case packing capability to improve productivity and presentation when packing on-edge bags and stand up pouches. Growth in demand for these bags stems in part by the desire for high on shelf visibility as the large flat front of a pouch can be used to advertise a product.

    Recent case packing developments at Quin Systems include the launch of our patented vertical infeed system, development of the optimum picking head and research into how best to present the product to the picking head.

    “Infeed is key to a successful end of line operation and we have modified our existing system to handle stand up pouches, doypacks, stabilo and pillow packs.” Mike Webb, MD Quin Systems.

    Packing bags with case packer from Quin SystemsThis new infeed system is now in operation on a system installed at a food manufacturer that uses stabilo packs and pouches for their products.

    Find out more about developments to our case packing systems and our in-feed system by visiting our Casepacker site or read the article on handling cases in Machinery Update here.

    Quin’s case packer systems are selected for their high speed, small footprint, quick payback and flexibility. Our machines pack many products, in multiple configurations and case sizes with minimal changeover time. Please contact us if you think we can help with your production line or to learn more about our products and services.